Being a Disabled Person in Harrow

Being a disabled person in Harrow is a lot easier than being a disabled person in Brent, where I lived until 2005, was.

In Harrow we have several services for disabled people and carers. We have HAD, Harrow Association for Disabled People, who provide helpful advice for disabled people and carers. There is also Harrow Carers, a charity which provides carers with valuable support.

Blue Badge application in Harrow was never difficult but now that it has moved completely online it is easier than ever, particularly to renew a badge.

When it comes to travel with a disability Harrow scores well on public transport facilities too since Harrow on the Hill Station is the latest to go step free, just last month.

Late last year there was a disability arts festival held at Harrow Arts Centre which allowed local disabled people to showcase their creative talents. HAD had a hand in the organisation of this event where everyone involved had great fun. This used to be an annual event before the pamdemic and I, for one, would love to see it return for many years to come.

As a Party the Lib Dems in Harrow work hard, with my support as their Diversity Officer, to ensure that all disabled people and carers in Harrow have the support needed to do anything they need or want to do in everyday life.

As a disabled person myself I have a personal interest in ensuring that the Party I love and passionately support continues to make life as easy as possible for all disabled people and carers in Harrow, my local area. I will be proud to continue to do this for a long time to come.

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