Harrow's Liberal Democrat Candidates


Harrow East: Adam Bernard

Adam Bernard is a local campaigner in Harrow. Born and brought up in Edgware, and now living in Harrow, he is committed to and proud of the area, which has a long history of welcoming people from so many communities.

Until last year, Adam worked at Queen Mary University of London, undertaking research at the interface of computer science, medicine, and linguistics. Previously he has worked on patient safety in hospitals, and in a large international project looking at the genetic causes of heart disease. He is currently a freelance software engineer.

Outside of politics he enjoys drawing, calligraphy, pickling vegetables and vegetarian cookery, and going walking with friends. He is also a regular gardening volunteer at Canons Park.

Adam has been a Liberal Democrat since 1997, and passionately believes that the role of government must be to empower and support each individual to lead the life they want. As a scientist, he supports efforts to increase evidence-based policy making and would like to see more MPs with scientific and technological backgrounds in Parliament. Working in such an international field has also made him realise how important it is that we continue to provide a warm welcome to people from other countries - from the EU, the Commonwealth, and the whole world.

If elected, Adam promises to work hard for everyone living in Harrow, whether they are eligible to vote or not and whatever their background. He understands the importance of having an MP who is responsive and approachable and happy to engage with the people they represent.

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @AdamBernardForHarrowEast
Twitter: @AdamBernard_HA

You can donate to support Adam's campaign here.

Harrow West: Lisa-Maria Bornemann

A German native, Lisa-Maria moved to the UK after graduating from university. She started her career in the online retail sector, leading teams of customer care agents. She now works as a team manager in international healthcare regulation.

Lisa-Maria joined the Liberal Democrats after the 2015 general election, realising that if she wanted things to change, getting involved was the way forward. She feels that the Liberal Democrats are the one party that supports her values of liberalism, personal freedom and positive international relations.

In 2017, Lisa-Maria was among the founding members of Liberal Democrat Immigrants and has been its Chair since then. Lib Dem Immigrants is a group within the party to promote the rights and interests of immigrants who have come to the UK from all over the world and made it their home.

Lisa-Maria believes in creating a society that is open and welcoming to everyone, no matter where they come from, what they believe in and who they love. It is an honour to her to represent a constituency as culturally and religiously diverse as Harrow West.

At her workplace, Lisa-Maria is actively involved in the LGBT+ network and the Mental Health First Aiders’ group. She believes that mental health is equally important to physical health and that sufficient funding for mental health services should be provided to people of all walks of life.

In 2018, Lisa-Maria successfully applied for naturalisation as a British citizen. Attending her citizenship ceremony at Harrow civic centre was a very proud moment for her.

In her spare time, Lisa-Maria is reading her way through the books on offer in Harrow’s libraries. She enjoys going to museums and the theatre with her partner, and she is currently expanding her repertoire of foreign languages by learning Dutch. She lives in central Harrow.

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @LisaMariaHarrowWest
Twitter: @LisaMariaLD

You can donate to support Lisa-Maria's campaign here.

Ruislip, Northwood, and Pinner: Jonathan Banks

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