Harrow Liberal Democrats condemn Boris Johnson’s inflammatory language

Last night in the House of Commons, Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticised the Supreme Court judgement using inflammatory language, such as “betrayal” and “surrender”.

Johnson dismissed appeals by MPs who asked him to tune down his language to avoid adding fuel to the already highly-charged atmosphere in our country. He even claimed that the best way to honour the memory of Jo Cox, the MP who was killed a week before the 2016 referendum while campaigning against Brexit , was to “get Brexit done”.

Lisa-Maria Bornemann, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Harrow West, said:
“Once more, Boris Johnson is displaying an appalling lack of compassion and common decency. The least he can and should do is to apologise for his behaviour, both to Jo Cox’s family and to the MPs whose concerns he so casually dismissed.”

Adam Bernard, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Harrow East, said:
“Whether this is deliberately provoking anger to distract from Johnson's unlawful shutdown of Parliament, or simply crass insensitivity, it's unacceptable. Johnson has once again shown himself unfit to be Prime Minister”

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