Theresa May turns her back on India

India is the largest economy in the Commonwealth and always quoted as one of the key countries we want to forge an even stronger trading relationship with.


But why then is Theresa May ignoring the unfairness of Britain's stance on visas for Indian citizens? She cannot say that our priority is building on our trade with non-EU countries and then mistreat people from one of the largest economies on the planet.


Adam Bernard, Harrow East's candidate for the Liberal Democrats said: "If you believe some Conservative politicians who try to hoodwink people from ethnic minorities in their own constituency for photo opportunities, then you'd be forgiven for thinking they care greatly.  But scratch beneath the surface and you'll see whether they really care".


Duplicity seems to work well for the Tories.  After all, this Prime Minister was Home Secretary when people from India started getting treated unfairly - 48,000 students were wrongly deported on her watch.  She now wants to slash Commonwealth immigration to an arbitrary target chosen only to gain her votes with the far-right.


Visas should be granted according to the needs of the economy, with an annual debate held to determine what these needs are.  People from India or elsewhere who wish to come to study, should be able to do so. Any system of entry must be fair to all, and not undermine the relationships we are trying to foster at this very important juncture for our country.

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