Have you received your LibDems free leaflet drop yet?

You may be aware that all parties standing in any constituency have the right to one free leaflet drop by the Royal Mail.

We, as Harrow's local Liberal Democrats party, are no exception and put together what we consider to be a true view of what we believe matters to the people of Harrow, not only as local residents, but also as residents of our country.

Many of you have received this freepost already but we are hearing from our supporters in Harrow East (including Belmont, Canons, Edgware, Harrow Weald, Kenton, Queensbury, Stanmore, and Wealdstone), that some have not yet received this vital post from us, demonstrating what the Harrow Liberal Democrats stand for and what our priorities are. Of course we will be raising this issue with Royal Mail to understand what went wrong and what the reason for the delays are, but as a further urgent mitigating action, you can find below a downloadable, shareable PDF and images here with the content in all its glory.

Whether you are a current or prospective supporter of the Lib Dems, we urge you to please share this far and wide, through all your social media channels or even by printing a few and hand delivering them to your neighbours.

As a reiteration, your local Harrow candidates for the Liberal Democrats in this June's election are:

Adam Bernard, Harrow East
Chris Noyce, Harrow West




Download Harrow East PDF: Adam Bernard

Download Harrow West PDF: Chris Noyce

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