Bob Blackman's refusal to apologise shames Harrow

Despite criticisms for hosting Tapan Ghosh — the founder of controversial anti-Islam group Hindu Samhati — Bob Blackman, Conservative MP for Harrow East has refused to apologise, demonstrating a complete disregard for the divisive effect of such rhetoric, and the harm that it causes to our community.

Bob Blackman's defence — that Tapan Ghosh was merely coming to speak about persecution of Hindus — is not acceptable when Mr Ghosh is advocating genocide as the answer to such persecution.

Mr Ghosh has also called to "[e]liminate Islam" within the UK:

Adam Bernard, Parliamentary Spokesman for Harrow East commented:

“Bob Blackman must urgently understand that it is not only immoral but dangerous to risk stirring up conflicts between communities — even if there are votes to be had by positioning himself as the champion of one faction.

“How can he adequately represent his 10,000+ Muslim constituents in Harrow East if he is unwilling to apologise for hosting a man effectively calling for their elimination?

“To say 'I do not share his views' is not sufficient in a case like this. Either Mr Blackman must indicate that he understands what he has done wrong, or he should resign.



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