Labour's letter on the EU is misleading at best, deceitful at worst

Harrow Labour has sent a letter to EU citizens in Harrow, in advance of the May 3rd local elections, with several extremely misleading claims.

Embarassed by their party leadership's embrace of Brexit, they have resorted to weasel words.

Positions of the nationwide parties on Brexit-related issues. The question-mark reflects Labour's insistence on "a" customs union but not "the" customs union.

They say that the Labour Party is fighting against Conservative plans for a hard Brexit, and that Labour has been fighting for EU nationals' rights.

These claims are simply untrue. A hard Brexit is one in which we leave the Single Market. Labour is determined to take us out of the Single Market in order to be able to abolish freedom of movement for EU nationals.

And when the House of Lords had the chance to insist on safeguarding EU nationals' rights a condition of invoking Article 50, Labour whipped their peers to abstain, and their MPs — including Harrow's Gareth Thomas — voted it through with no safeguards whatsoever.

The Liberal Democrats are truly supporting the rights of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU as well as supporting the right of the people to cancel the Brexit process entirely if the final deal is worse than what we have now.

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