Help us stop the dementia tax - which would hit 98% of homes in Harrow

Lib Dems are campaigning to to scrap dementia tax which would hit a staggering 98% of homes in Harrow

Nearl could be eligible for sale to meet Theresa May’s so-called 'dementia tax', research by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.

Parliamentary candidate for Harrow East, Adam Bernard, has urged residents, irrespective of their party affiliation, to join a campaign to stop the Conservative social care plans which would saddle those with long-term illnesses with crippling care costs after their death. In order to join this campaign, go to

The Liberal Democrats are calling for a penny on income tax to boost funding for the NHS and social care by £6bn a year, as well as a £72,000 cap to protect people from crippling care costs.

Liberal Democrat candidate Adam Bernard said:

"Caring for our elderly should be above party politics and that is why I want to urge anyone who opposes these plans to come together to stop them.

“Every elderly person who needs care should receive it in the best place for them. People shouldn't have to worry about losing everything they've worked hard for to pay for crippling care costs.

"Together we can stop the so-called ‘Dementia Tax’ and put in place a cap on the cost of care."

Bob Blackman's falsehoods on police numbers won't help curb knife crime in Harrow

As Harrow reels from a spate of stabbings across the borough — in Wealdstone, in South Harrow, in central Harrow, and in Rayner's Lane — Bob Blackman, Tory MP for Harrow East, has been on television █████████████ to reassure his constituents that police numbers are remaining stable.

Only problem is, he's wrong. Not only are police numbers falling, but numbers of support staff, administrators, and PCSOs needed to help police do their job effectively are also falling.

Bob Blackman's explanation is that police are not affected by cuts, but are simply being lazy. This is not only untrue but insulting. Our police are eager to do their job; Bob's party in Whitehall must provide them with the funds needed to do it properly.



Response to the US Elections

Harrow Liberal Democrats are hugely concerned by the election of Donald Trump, as his campaign did not follow our values of working towards an open, tolerant and united society. We believe in a Britain and a world where everyone is valued and respected, rather than feeling scared and victimised, which is the unfortunate effect that Trump's campaign and election have had on too many people. 

We would echo the words of Tim Farron in saying: "Liberal values of moderation, freedom, respect for the rule of law, openness and concern for one another can no longer be taken for granted. In the United States, those values were defeated. Never in my lifetime have those liberal values been so under threat, and never have they been more relevant and necessary. "

We will be doing everything we can to continue to promote our values in Harrow and abroad. 


Aircraft emissions

Harrow Liberal Democrats deplore the decision of Cllr Shah to disregard the environmental impacts of an additional runway at Heathrow.

While Labour may not prioritise either the UK's carbon reduction targets or the quality of life of millions of residents of West London, the Lib Dems believe that — despite a massive lobbying campaign — there has not been a good case made for a new runway anywhere in the South-East. With spare capacity at other London airports, an expansion at Heathrow will benefit no-one but the multinational consortium that owns Heathrow Airports Holdings Ltd.
Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat Member of the London Assembly, said: "We can improve the UK’s international links through better use of all our airports. It is the triumph of vested interests for this Government to claim that the environmental wreckage created by a third Heathrow runway‎ is a price worth paying."

Theresa May turns her back on India

India is the largest economy in the Commonwealth and always quoted as one of the key countries we want to forge an even stronger trading relationship with.


But why then is Theresa May ignoring the unfairness of Britain's stance on visas for Indian citizens? She cannot say that our priority is building on our trade with non-EU countries and then mistreat people from one of the largest economies on the planet.


Adam Bernard, Harrow East's candidate for the Liberal Democrats said: "If you believe some Conservative politicians who try to hoodwink people from ethnic minorities in their own constituency for photo opportunities, then you'd be forgiven for thinking they care greatly.  But scratch beneath the surface and you'll see whether they really care".


Duplicity seems to work well for the Tories.  After all, this Prime Minister was Home Secretary when people from India started getting treated unfairly - 48,000 students were wrongly deported on her watch.  She now wants to slash Commonwealth immigration to an arbitrary target chosen only to gain her votes with the far-right.


Visas should be granted according to the needs of the economy, with an annual debate held to determine what these needs are.  People from India or elsewhere who wish to come to study, should be able to do so. Any system of entry must be fair to all, and not undermine the relationships we are trying to foster at this very important juncture for our country.

Europe🇪🇺 (en🇬🇧, pl🇵🇱, de🇩🇪🇦🇹, ro🇷🇴)

We thought it might be helpful to summarise our position on Europe in a few of the EU languages most spoken in Harrow.

The Liberal Democrats remain a proudly pro-European party.

We respect the democratic result of the referendum in June and will not repeat the last referendum to try to overturn it.

voting for a departure is not the same as voting for a destination.

There is no plan for what Brexit means, and confusion over the options. Some people voted leave to stop all immigration; some voted Leave for Britain to be open to more immigration, particularly from the Commonwealth. Some people voted Leave to protect British laws; some because they want to get rid of EU laws that protect workers, or shoppers or the environment.
The government appear to be trying to force the country down the most chaotic and disruptive path, breaking all ties with the EU and closing the door to the single market where we sell the largest part of our exports.

We believe, whatever deal is negotiated,
the people must have a chance to say if they would prefer the new arrangement, outside the European Union, or would prefer to remain inside the European Union.

Our demands in negotiations include:

Those who have chosen to live in the UK must be allowed to stay; likewise UK citizens living in the EU.


■ The UK must remain a member of the Single Market and protect freedom of movement.


We must retain cooperation on protecting the environment, on fighting crime, on university education and research, and on traveller benefits such as the European Health Insurance Card.

For more details (in English) see

Liberalni Demokraci z dumą określają siebie jako partię proeuropejską.

Szanujemy wynik czerwcowego referendum i nie jest naszą intencją walka o jego powtórzenie w celu zmiany jego rezultatu.

Jednak „
głosowanie za wyjściem nie jest tym samym co głosowanie za przeznaczeniem”.
Nie wiadomo co tak naprawdę oznacza Brexit, co naturalnie wywołuje sporą konsternację. Niektórzy głosowali za wyjściem żeby zatrzymać falę imigracji, inni – żeby ją zwiększyć, zwłaszcza jeśli chodzi o kraje należące do Brytyjskiej Wspólnoty Narodów, tzw. Commonwealth. Niektórzy chcieli chronić brytyjskie prawo, inni natomiast walczyli o pozbycie się unijnych praw chroniących pracowników, klientów sklepów czy środowisko. Wygląda na to, że rząd usiłuje sprowadzić kraj na możliwie najbardziej chaotyczną i destrukcyjną drogę poprzez zerwanie wszelkich więzi z Unią Europejską i zatrzaśnięcie drzwi do jednolitego rynku, który stanowił największą grupę odbiorców naszego eksportu.

Głęboko wierzymy, że niezależnie od tego, jaki kierunek obiorą negocjacje, obywatele muszą mieć prawo do wyrażenia swojego stanowiska – czy wolą nowe porozumienie poza Unią Europejską, czy może woleliby jednak pozostać we Wspólnocie.


Nasze żądania odnośnie negocjacji zawierają następujące punkty:
należy pozwolić na pozostanie w Wielkiej Brytanii osobom, które zdecydowały się tu żyć i mieszkać, podobnie jak to dotyczy obywateli Wielkiej Brytanii żyjących w krajach Unii Europejskiej


Wielka Brytania musi pozostać częścią jednolitego rynku oraz chronić prawo do swobodnego przepływu osób, towarów i usług


musimy utrzymać współpracę w zakresie ochrony środowiska, zwalczania przestępczości, edukacji akademickiej oraz badań, a także ułatwień dotyczących swobodnego przemieszczania się takich jak Europejska Karta Ubezpieczenia Zdrowotnego
Więcej szczegółów na naszej stronie internetowej -


Die Liberal Democrats sind weiterhin eine stolze pro-europäische Partei.

Wir erkennen das Ergebnis der Volksabstimmung im Juni an und werden die Abstimmung nicht wiederholen in der Hoffnung, das Ergebnis zu ändern.

Aber: Eine Abstimmung für die Abreise ist nicht dasselbe wie eine Abstimmung für das Ziel.

Es gibt keinen Plan dazu, was Brexit bedeutet, und es herrscht Verwirrung über die verschiedenen Optionen. Manche Menschen haben für das Verlassen der EU gestimmt, um alle Einwanderung zu stoppen; andere stimmten dafür, um Großbritannen offener für Einwanderung zu machen, vor allem aus dem Commonwealth. Manche Menschen wollten britische Gesetze schützen; andere wollten EU-Gesetze zum Schutz von Arbeitnehmern, Käufern oder der Umwelt abschaffen. Die Regierung scheint es sich zum Ziel gemacht zu haben, unser Land auf den chaotischsten und störendsten Pfad zu schicken, der überhaupt möglich ist, und dabei völlig mit der EU zu brechen und den Europäischen Binnenmarkt zu verlassen, über den der Großteil unserer Exporte abgewickelt wird.

Wir glauben daran, dass, ganz gleich, welcher Deal ausgehandelt wird, das Volk die Gelegenheit bekommen muss zu sagen, ob es das neue Arrangement außerhalb der Europäischen Union oder das Verbleiben in der Europäischen Union bevorzugt.

Unsere Forderungen für die Verhandlungen beeinhalten:

Die Menschen, die sich in Großbritannien niedergelassen haben, müssen das Recht haben, hier zu bleiben. Dasselbe gilt für britische Staatsangehörige, die in der EU leben.

Großbritannien muss Mitglied des Europäischen Binnenmarkts bleiben und die Personenfreizügigkeit schützen.

Wir müssen weiterhin kooperieren, was den Umweltschutz, die Verbrechensbekämpfung, die Hochschulbildung und Forschung und die Vorteile für Reisende wie den Auslandskrankenschein angeht.

Für mehr Informationen (auf Englisch): hier klicken.

Partidul Liberal Democrat rămâne un partid mândru să fie pro-European.

Respectăm rezultatul democratic al referendumului din Iunie și nu vom repeta ultimul referendum pentru a încerca să deturnăm rezultatul.

Dar votul pentru o plecare nu este la fel ca și votul pentru o destinație.

Nu există niciun plan pentru ce înseamnă BREXIT și opțiunile sunt neclare, confuze. Unii oameni au votat Leave (Pleacă). pentru a opri imigrația; unii au votat Leave pentru ca Anglia să fie mai deschisă către imigrație, în special din Commonwealth (comunitatea fostelor colonii britanice)? Unii oameni au votat Leave pentru a proteja legile Britanice; alții au votat Leave pentru a scăpa de legile UE care protejează muncitorii, cumpărătorii sau mediul înconjurător. Guvernul pare că încearcă să forțeze țara să meargă pe calea cea mai haotică și distrugătoare, rupând toate legăturile cu UE Uniunea Europeană și închizând ușa pieței unice unde vindem cea mai mare parte a exporturilor britanice.

Credem că, orice înțelegere este negociată,
oamenii trebuie să aibă șansa să spună dacă ar prefera noul aranjament, în afara UE, sau ar prefera să rămână în UE.

Cererile noastre în cadrul negocierilor BREXIT includ:

Cei care au decis să trăiască in UK trebuie să li se permită să rămână; similar, cetățenii britanici care au ales să trăiască în EU

Regatul Unit al Marii Britanii trebuie să rămână membru al Pieței Unice EU și trebuie să protejeze libertatea de mișcare

Trebuie să continuăm cooperarea legată de protejarea mediului înconjurător, de lupta împotriva crimei, de studii și educație superioară, și de beneficiile de călătorie, cum ar fi Cardul European de Sănătate.

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