Harrow Lib Dems support local businesses in Belmont

With Harrow Council about to introduce parking charges at the last free car parks anywhere in the borough, local businesses are asking why they weren't consulted on such a change.

These local Harrow businesses in Belmont rely on these small free car parks to bring customers in.  There are already so many unnecessary parking restrictions all around the borough so why does there seem to be a need to reign in even more cash?  And more importantly, why haven't local businesses been consulted on this?

Which car parks are affected by this?

  1. The first is Kingshill Drive Car Park (off Kingshill Drive)
  2. The second is Kenton Lane Car Park (off Kenton Lane, right next to the Belmont Trail)

Both directly serve the Belmont shopping parade and neighbouring buildings, Belmont Community Hall (which is home to a nursery during the day), Belmont Health Centre and a local Catholic primary school, St. Joseph's.

The shops and businesses on and around Belmont Circle rely on the flexible parking around the shops to continue to be viable so its a wonder why the council are choosing to introduce new charges when businesses are already struggling in the current economic climate.

If you are a Belmont business or a local resident and are going to be affected by these changes, let us know and we'll take the fight to the council on your behalf.  You can reach us at @harrowlibdems on Twitter, you can email us at info @ harrowlibdems.org or leave a comment below.




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