Business should dump the Tories. They are failing you

Today Tim Farron will tell businesses that they are ‘funding their own funeral’ if they continue to back and fund the Conservative Party.  It's becoming clear that the Liberal Democrats are the new party of business. On a visit to St Albans, Tim Farron will say later today:

“My message to business is this – dump the Tories. Every penny you give them will hurt you; you are funding your own funeral.  The success of British business matters.  Strong British businesses mean more jobs and a stronger society.

“With this disastrous hard Brexit the government is hurting businesses, both big and small, costing jobs and hitting families.  All this means fewer jobs, higher prices and spiralling costs of things like fuel.  This is a Brexit squeeze affecting millions of people.

“I say, clearly, to businesses, you must back the Liberal Democrats – this is not a moment for hiding and hoping things change. You need to desert the Tories.

“The Single Market matters – it's vital to our economy.

“This election is a chance to change Britain’s future.

“While the Tories run headlong towards a Hard Brexit and Labour cheers them on, only the Liberal Democrats are standing up for a Britain that is Open, Tolerant and United.”

Here in Harrow, we are already seeing the impact of hard Brexit in prices in the shops, in uncertainty and in our local health services. Only the Liberal Democrats are looking to challenge this and make things better for local businesses and local people.

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