Bob Blackman's falsehoods on police numbers won't help curb knife crime in Harrow

As Harrow reels from a spate of stabbings across the borough — in Wealdstone, in South Harrow, in central Harrow, and in Rayner's Lane — Bob Blackman, Tory MP for Harrow East, has been on television █████████████ to reassure his constituents that police numbers are remaining stable.

Only problem is, he's wrong. Not only are police numbers falling, but numbers of support staff, administrators, and PCSOs needed to help police do their job effectively are also falling.

Bob Blackman's explanation is that police are not affected by cuts, but are simply being lazy. This is not only untrue but insulting. Our police are eager to do their job; Bob's party in Whitehall must provide them with the funds needed to do it properly.



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