Nikki Kopelman

My family has lived in Stanmore continuously for over 60 years, since a time when Stanmore was a leafier suburb than it is today.

A professional translator for well over 10 years, I have worked in local government in Japan, and I have also lived and worked in France. Seeing different ways of living and organisation have helped me develop a nuanced view of various issues.

I am passionate about being an active councillor and listening to residents, something which the existing council has failed to do adequately in recent years. I volunteered with various local community groups in the parks and established a volunteer network to deliver oxygen monitors to acute Covid patients in the early stages of the pandemic.

I became politically active in 2016, and the Liberal Democrats were and are my party of choice. We have seen the great success of the Liberal Democrat-led council in Watford, where they have regenerated the town centre into a vibrant space. I want to see this in Harrow, to rejuvenate the tired town centre with community projects and spaces that empower local people.

I want to see our parks better supported to provide a safe haven and green spaces for all, and a crackdown on frivolous planning applications that fail to consider the needs of existing and future residents.


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