The ultimate in events. You don't need to get dressed up. You don't need to arrange a babysitter. You don't even need to remember to turn up.

You do, however, (and we really can't emphasize this enough) need to buy a ticket. Funds will help support Harrow's campaigns in the all-too-likely imminent general election.


Non-Members are welcome to buy tickets. As are children, dogs, cats, and goldfish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this event actually happening?

A: No, not as such. No.

Q: But you still want me to buy tickets?

A: Oh yes.


January 01, 2030 at 3:00am - 3:01am

Enter the number of tickets you would like to purchase.

£100.00 VIP Ticket
Provides an extra-warm glow of satisfaction
£30.00 Adult Ticket to the Non-Event
Allows lack-of-entry to the non-event
£15.00 Concession Ticket (for children, full-time students, and household pets)
For children, full-time students, and household pets.
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