Pash Nandhra

Prakash Nandhra, commonly known as Pash

I have lived in Harrow for many years and brought up my two sons educated at local schools.

A qualified teacher, I taught at Rooks Heath and then at Douay Martyrs in Ickenham. I decided to stand for election in Harrow so that I could get things done for the community, I was elected as a councillor when I stayed in office for 16 years.

Some achievements, initiated meals on wheels for all communities. Free skips to get rid of rubbish, introduced bins in the parks for dog owners. Set up Harrow Agenda 21 then successfully handed to the community. Harrow pays too much council tax, the brown bins are too expensive, roads full of potholes need repairs. I will work for the local community and listen to your views.

Vote for LibDems on 5 may we need a change from the present Labour council.


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