Pietro Rescia


I joined Harrow’s community more than a decade ago, coming from Italy.  I decided to take an active role in local politics in 2016. I wanted to improve things around me. I am a technical person. During all my professional life I have worked – and continue to work - on environmental and planning matters both in the UK and overseas.

I am an admirer of the British urban planning and traffic management school. It is essential and pragmatic, and it has often produced beautiful and liveable towns. However, the development of Harrow has lost balance.

It is led by a Labour administration that has run out of steam. It cannot properly manage the substantial residential schemes which they have agreed with the developers. They do not seem driven by ensuring well-being and preserving beauty.

The Tory simplistic pledges on parking, council tax and planning, run counter to our intelligence: free parking everywhere will increase traffic further; council tax has been increased due to Tory cuts; their promised restrictions on new buildings and the sub-division of houses are in contrast with the affordable housing pledges of the Conservative government.

We, the Liberal Democrats in Harrow, have set out a programme which will bring new energy to our borough without being led by short-sight targets or populist short-cuts.

I am a transportation and environmental engineer. I cover a key role in an engineering and consultancy company by assessing environmental and social impacts and risks caused by large infrastructure.

Harrow is my home, I love the quiet streets, parks and trees, the local shopping, the multi-ethnicity, and the good quality of life that Harrow still offers.  I am married, live in Headstone, and have a daughter attending a local school.

I would be happy to serve as councillor. I would do my best to check and improve how Harrow is developing and involve residents in finding solutions.


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