We Get One Chance

Hello, I am David Al-Basha. I intend to run for councillor representing the Marlborough Ward in the upcoming Local Elections on behalf of the Liberal Democrats. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to write about the ever-changing Harrow that surrounds us.  

When a spacious library with its accessible parking facilities is demolished to build a block of high-rise apartments or a single occupied shop is divided into two or more units, I ask myself, what ethos lies behind such decisions; what considerations have been examined, both short and long term; and what damage is being done to our vibrant and pleasant borough. 

When things go wrong, and calamitous decisions are made in matters such as planning, we hear those familiar words ‘lessons have been learned for future purposes’; however, some mistakes can rarely be put right. Once cherished buildings are gone they are gone forever. 

We should look around and ask what makes Harrow the place we know and love; and remind our civic leaders and elected representatives they not only have a duty for the residents of today but a duty to maintain the quality of life for future Harrovians in the generations to come. Liberal Democrats will strive to get these decisions right in the interests of the people of Harrow.

We get one chance; let it be the a common-sense chance, the Liberal Democrats. 


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