Annual General Meeting of Harrow Liberal Democrats

This is a reminder that the Annual General Meeting of the Harrow Liberal Democrats will be held on 14th December 2021.  Due to the ongoing, we believe its is more responsible to hold this AGM via Zoom though of course if you do want to join over a normal phone line, please contact us and we will arrange the details.

If you are a member of the local party and have not received your invite to the AGM, but would like to attend, then please contact us.

The nomination form for the Executive accompanies your invite and this also includes job descriptions of the roles.  We are actively seeking new candidates for the Executive Committee to bring fresh ideas, fresh thinking and a can-do attitude.

If you have questions about any of the positions and their areas of responsibility, or might be interested in standing, please email [email protected] Taking a position on the Executive Committee is an opportunity to make a real contribution to the activities and running of your local party.


Sanjay Karia campaigning for Pinner South

Lib Dem Candidate for Pinner South ward by-election

My name is Sanjay Karia and I have been chosen by the Liberal Democrats to be our candidate at the by-election. The election is being held on Thursday 14th October 2021 to elect a new local member following the sad death of long-serving local Councillor Chris Mote.

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Our Values

It has never been more important to support the Liberal Democrats. These are exceptional times with an as yet un-tamed pandemic and a government sleep-walking into upturning our trading relationships and our other alliances without much idea of what will replace them. In addition to, or perhaps because of the pandemic and Brexit, our current government is showing alarming signs of authoritarianism (shutting down Parliament unlawfully, trying to take away the courts’ powers to question the legality of its decisions) and imbedded corruption. Racism is becoming more common and the glue that holds the UK together is weakening. And the opportunity to tackle climate change after Covid-19 must not be lost.


I don’t know about you, but we feel that Liberal Democrat values are the antidote to this toxicity.


  • Lib Dems have been at the forefront in pressing the Government to get the test and trace system performing properly; that is essential as it is the only way to limit the pandemic while there is no vaccine unless we resort – as we are currently doing – to more and more stringent and damaging lockdowns. Lib Dems would aim to make health – not just the treatment of disease – at the heart of its policies.


  • Lib Dems are the only consistently pro-European party. Though we are no longer part of the EU, we have to have a strong relationship with the continent we live on. In the short-term we want to achieve the closest possible relationship with our European partners. That is in our economic, security and environmental interest. It is not an area where we are ambiguous.


  • Lib Dems want a modern constitution. We want proportional representation and we want a UK held together by a collaborative, constructive and consultative relationship with the constituent nations.


  • Lib Dems have a strong desire for equality for all – regardless of race, gender, age or sexuality. These values are at the heart of our thinking.


  • Lib Dems want to create a dynamic economy for all, with support for all; we are proud that our Parliamentary candidate in 2019, Adam Bernard, championed a Universal Basic Income at our last conference and got it adopted.


We welcome new members. Our Annual General (virtual) Meeting is coming up on 25 November and all members will be welcome. We will also be organising social events as far as we can during the pandemic. We more than doubled our vote at the General Election. On the horizon we have elections for the London Mayor and London Assembly (May 2021) and Harrow Council (May 2022), in which we will be active.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Sanjay's Survey

Sanjay's Survey

Let your Harrow Lib Dem candidate know your views and priorities  

Tell us how satisfied you are with Harrow Council, what your top issues are, what the single biggest improvement you would like to see to support the environment is and what would make you visit local shops more.

Click the link below to access the very short questionnaire and have your say.

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