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It has never been more important to support the Liberal Democrats. These are exceptional times with an as yet un-tamed pandemic and a government sleep-walking into upturning our trading relationships and our other alliances without much idea of what will replace them. In addition to, or perhaps because of the pandemic and Brexit, our current government is showing alarming signs of authoritarianism (shutting down Parliament unlawfully, trying to take away the courts’ powers to question the legality of its decisions) and imbedded corruption. Racism is becoming more common and the glue that holds the UK together is weakening. And the opportunity to tackle climate change after Covid-19 must not be lost.

I don’t know about you, but we feel that Liberal Democrat values are the antidote to this toxicity.

  • Lib Dems have been at the forefront in pressing the Government to get the test and trace system performing properly; that is essential as it is the only way to limit the pandemic while there is no vaccine unless we resort – as we are currently doing – to more and more stringent and damaging lockdowns. Lib Dems would aim to make health – not just the treatment of disease – at the heart of its policies.
  • Lib Dems are the only consistently pro-European party. Though we are no longer part of the EU, we have to have a strong relationship with the continent we live on. In the short-term we want to achieve the closest possible relationship with our European partners. That is in our economic, security and environmental interest. It is not an area where we are ambiguous.
  • Lib Dems want a modern constitution. We want proportional representation and we want a UK held together by a collaborative, constructive and consultative relationship with the constituent nations.
  • Lib Dems have a strong desire for equality for all – regardless of race, gender, age or sexuality. These values are at the heart of our thinking.
  • Lib Dems want to create a dynamic economy for all, with support for all; we are proud that our Parliamentary candidate in 2019, Adam Bernard, championed a Universal Basic Income at our last conference and got it adopted.

We welcome new members. Our Annual General (virtual) Meeting is coming up on 25 November and all members will be welcome. We will also be organising social events as far as we can during the pandemic. We more than doubled our vote at the General Election. On the horizon we have elections for the London Mayor and London Assembly (May 2021) and Harrow Council (May 2022), in which we will be active.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.



What the Lib Dems have delivered in neighbouring Watford

Every Borough has a different set of issues but neighbouring Watford is run by the Lib Dems and this is what Watford residents benefit from:


  • Kept Council tax increase to a minimum 1.7%
  • Well-run services, always remembering it is your money we manage
  • Continue to effectively deliver manifesto commitments (bike share, Oxhey Activity Park)
  • Watford shortlisted for ‘Council of the Year’ from over 300 councils in England and Wales
  • Granted outline planning permission for plans to transform Watford General Hospital with state-of-the-art healthcare facilities


  • Extra Covid support, £500 home worker grant / provided lots of lockdown support;
  • Zero rough sleepers in Watford;
  • Watford Together initiative and Dementia Friendly Town
  • Supporting the NHS and making Council facilities available for vaccination and testing sites


  • New recycling and waste initiatives mean Watford now recycles over 50% of its waste
  • Watford has the most Green Flag Parks and Open spaces in Hertfordshire (12)
  • Plans to make Watford carbon neutral by 2030 and encourage sustainable transport, e.g. Beryl Bikes and Arriva Click


One of the most notable achievements above is being shortlisted for ‘Council of the Year’ 2021. The judges praised the council’s response to the pandemic, which focused on helping those most in need, supporting businesses and assisting the NHS.

They also highlighted improvements to parks, such as the new facilities in Oxhey Park, and cutting the number of rough sleepers in Watford.

Imagine what we could achieve in Harrow with a Liberal Democrats run council!

Sanjay's Survey

Sanjay's Survey

Let your Harrow Lib Dem candidate know your views and priorities  

Tell us how satisfied you are with Harrow Council, what your top issues are, what the single biggest improvement you would like to see to support the environment is and what would make you visit local shops more.

Click the link below to access the very short questionnaire and have your say.

Take me to the survey

Statement on the death of George Floyd and #BlackLivesMatter

The Liberal Democrats pride themselves on being a political party which believes in equality for all. To Liberal Democrats all humans are equal and all human lives are equally valuable.

Harrow is one of London's most ethnically diverse Boroughs. George Floyd could have been any one of our many BAME [Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic] neighbours. We know that many of Harrow's BAME residents were following #BlackoutTuesday with great interest and great personal understanding.

Sarah Ismail, the Diversity Officer of Harrow Liberal Democrats said:

"I wish to clearly record that I stand with every BAME resident of Harrow. Harrow Liberal Democrats, as a party, stand with every BAME resident of Harrow. "

"We know that racism is nothing new. However, neither is it acceptable."

"Harrow Liberal Democrats will work to fight racism in Harrow. This work will not stop until Martin Luther King, Jr's dream — every human of colour's dream — comes true."


I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”
— Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sarah Ismail, Diversity Officer, Harrow Lib Dems

Lib Dems reveal issues with Harrow Tfl station developments.

Harrow Liberal Democrats have launched a petition against TfL's car park development plans at Canons Park, Rayners Lane, and Stanmore

Three station car parks in Harrow will be largely replaced by housing, if plans by TfL and housing association Catalyst go ahead. Canons Park, Stanmore, and Rayners Lane stations will have their parking spaces slashed.

This will affect commuters and local residents, but also the staff of the ambulance service BEARS based at Canons Park — who were not consulted about the development plans. Many of the staff travel to Canons Park from Essex in the very early morning when public transport is not available.

Harrow Council's "Controlled Parking Zones" are already creating conflict over parking between ambulance staff and locals; the developments will only make things worse.


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Harrow Liberal Democrats condemn Boris Johnson’s inflammatory language

Last night in the House of Commons, Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticised the Supreme Court judgement using inflammatory language, such as “betrayal” and “surrender”.

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